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Backwoods Honey Berry (8 packs of 5)

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The Honey Berry Cigarillo by Backwoods is a mild, machine-made cigar with a Natural wrapper. This cigarillo has a chocolate brown colored wrapper with tiny veins in its body. These mild-bodied cigarillos offer sweet, tasty flavors with smooth and mild aromatic smoke that even the people around you will love - an enjoyable smoke any time of the day. Even though it's machine-made, this cigarillo is well-rolled and has a fantastic overall construction. It also has a smooth draw from start to finish - not something you can often find in machine-made cigars. Its overall performance is amazing, and you will always hear cigar lovers recommend it to their friends and colleagues.

The Backwoods's Honey Berry Natural Cigarillo has been a favorite of many cigar-lovers for years and to this day, this is the cigar they are always looking for. Each order comes with 8 packs of five cigarillos each - a total of 40 cigarillos. The packaging is purple and you can see the 'Backwoods' and 'Honey Berry' labels on each pack. Order your Honey Berry Natural Cigarillos today and have a sweet and relaxing smoking experience anytime you want! If you like it, please come back and leave us a cigar review and tell us how you enjoy these tasty cigarillos!

Get the Facts:
Country of Origin United States
Wrapper Natural
Strength Mild
Length 4 1/2
Gauge 32
Shape Cigarillo
Unit Type Pack
Qty Per Unit 40
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