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Baccarat cigars are the quintessential representation of an old-school smoking experience. The cigars are often dubbed “The Game,” drawing inspiration from the popular casino card game of the same name. Although, unlike the Italian card game, smokers won’t be taking a gamble with this purchase!

 When examining a cigar prior to smoking (especially when purchasing online), we first look at the cigar’s blend and manufacturer. In the case of the time-tested Baccarat, the cigar passes with flying colors on both fronts! First, the cigars are rolled at Camacho’s famed Agroindustrias Leape factory in Danlí, Honduras—this is a major “plus” by nearly any connoisseur’s standards and could potentially be all you need to know… However, the blend is equally, if not more, important than the construction; and Baccarat does not disappoint! Here you will find premium, long-filler, Havana-seed, Honduran tobaccos at the cigar’s core; the binder is Mexican; and the cigars are finished in a golden Connecticut (or gritty Connecticut Broadleaf maduro) wrapper.

 But enough stats! “How does the thing smoke?” you ask. The answer is simple: OLD. SCHOOL. Borrowing a popular style of some Cuban cigars from the early 1900s, Baccarat incorporates a sweetened gum tip—adding just the right amount of sugary sweetness to make for a clean and refreshing smoke. Old-school-style cigars were not about gut-wrenching nicotine content; instead offering a smooth and delicate experience that could be smoked at a moment’s notice. This is Baccarat The Game! A cigar for the everyman—offering a reliable smoking experience in the buttery-smooth, creamy, and classic natural variety; or the more earthy, gritty, chocolate, and sweet vanilla experience of the maduro. 

Order today and see why Baccarat cigars have been a go-to blend since the 1800s!

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Baccarat Belicoso

$85.49 $134.40

Baccarat Bonitas

$147.99 $222.00
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Baccarat Churchill

$96.99 $152.30

Baccarat Churchill Maduro

$96.99 $152.30
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Baccarat Gordo

$108.49 $170.70

Baccarat King

$106.49 $168.00
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Baccarat King Maduro

$106.49 $168.00
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Baccarat Luchadores

$86.49 $136.50

Baccarat Nicaragua Toro

$89.49 $144.40
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Baccarat Petit Corona

$81.49 $128.70

Baccarat Rothschild

$88.49 $139.20

Baccarat Toro

$90.99 $144.40
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