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Asylum Schizo Bundles cigar category
Asylum Schizo Bundles

Schizo was one of the first brands to come from the joined talents of Tom Lazuka and Christian Eiroa—aka Asylum Cigars. Using the “insane” imagery that the brand invokes, Asylum Schizo features an abstract, Rorschach-inspired appearance.

Perhaps the idea is that you’d have to be insane not to buy these cigars, considering their unprecedented, low price points. Then again, perhaps it’s just a cool look and name concept… your call.

Asylum Schizo arrives in two formats: original (Asylum Schizo) and maduro. While each cigar is built on different core recipes and rolled in different locations, the blends share the strategy of affordability, using scraps from other premium Asylum brands in their construction. This technique is commonly known as the “Cuban sandwich,” where both long and short fillers are incorporated into the bunch. The curious thing is, had this information not been revealed, you’d most likely never know it—the construction is that good!

Asylum Schizo uses a Nicaraguan puro blend and is rolled at an unspecified factory in Nicaragua. The Asylum Schizo Maduro features a Mexican San Andrés wrapper over Honduran binder/fillers and is rolled at Christian Eiroa’s El Aladino factory in Honduras. The original cigar is mild to medium in body, while the maduro is medium-plus.

Combining the cigar’s unique construction with bundle packaging, Asylum Schizo is priced affordably enough to smoke one (or more) every. single. day!

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Asylum Schizo 5x50 Cigar

Asylum Schizo 5x50

$87.99 $98.00
Asylum Schizo 5x50 Maduro Cigar

Asylum Schizo 5x50 Maduro

$90.99 $102.00
Sold Out
Asylum Schizo 6x50 Cigar

Asylum Schizo 6x50

$90.99 $102.00
Sold Out
Asylum Schizo 6x50 Maduro Cigar

Asylum Schizo 6x50 Maduro

$94.99 $106.00
Asylum Schizo 6X60 Cigar

Asylum Schizo 6X60

$100.49 $112.00
Sold Out
Asylum Schizo 6x60 Maduro Cigar

Asylum Schizo 6x60 Maduro

$103.99 $116.00
Sold Out
Asylum Schizo 7x52

Asylum Schizo 7x52

$96.99 $108.00
Asylum Schizo 7x52 Maduro Cigar

Asylum Schizo 7x52 Maduro

$100.49 $112.00
Sold Out
Asylum Schizo 7x70 Cigar

Asylum Schizo 7x70

$114.99 $128.00
Sold Out
Asylum Schizo 7x70 Maduro Cigar

Asylum Schizo 7x70 Maduro

$118.49 $132.00
Sold Out
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