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Asylum Quad Burner Lighter

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The Firebird Quad Burner Lighter is a limited-edition, black and red cigar lighter by Asylum 13. It is especially suitable for lighting up large ring-gauge cigars. This quadruple-jet flame lighter features an extra-large fuel tank and an easy-to-use, extra-large flame adjuster wheel, which comprises the diameter of the entire base of the lighter. In Slavic mythology, the firebird represents a treasure that is rare and difficult to possess, but if you want a taste of the firebird’s magic, you get it in this lighter!

Stylish-looking, reliable, and portable - all characteristics a cigar lover is looking for in a cigar lighter; and the Firebird Quad Burner Lighter has it all. Get yours now because this popular cigar lighter frequently sells out. If you like it, please leave us a product review and share with other cigar smokers what you like most about the Firebird Quad Burner Lighter by Asylum 13!

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