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An exceptional portrait of consistency, Ashton Classic delivers an attractive, mild creaminess engaged to faint notes of pepper. Dominican tobaccos aged three to four years showcase a rich, golden Connecticut shade wrapper in an impressive manner your palate will savor. Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, the draw and construction coalesce to complement a luscious finish. Ashton Classic remains an enduring sensation as one of the most versatile and approachable cigars in the market.

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Ashton 8-9-8

$206.00 $228.75

Ashton Churchill

$224.95 $250.00

Ashton Corona

$179.95 $200.00

Ashton Double Magnum

$238.50 $265.00

Ashton Imperial Tubes

$219.40 $243.60

Ashton Magnum

$190.95 $212.50

Ashton Majesty

$252.00 $280.00

Ashton Prime Minister

$255.63 $284.06

Ashton Senoritas Box

$67.28 $74.75

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