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Arango Humidor Solution

Brand: Arango
Availability: Out of stock

Arango is known for their great humidification products, and this 8oz bottle of Arango 50/50 Humidor Fresh Humidification Solution will make your humidification routine a breeze! Perfect for humidification systems that hold or absorbed water - add to reservoirs, or sponges. Arango Humidifier Liquid will keep your cigars fresh and flavorful while they are stored in your humidifier. Never smoke a stale or less-than-fresh-tasting cigar again!

This 8oz bottle of Arango 50/50 humidification solution makes it easy for you to determine how much liquid to use, and of course, if you have multiple humidors, you can use the same bottle to outfit all of the different humidors with the same stuff! Take advantage of this great deal, and save your money to buy more and better cigars!

Arango is an American company and the product is made in the USA, so order yours today! If you like it, please remember to come back and let us know in a review - we love hearing customer feedback on all the products that we sell!

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