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Picture for category Altar Q by Oscar Valladares
Altar Q by Oscar Valladares

Oscar Valladares, founder of Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co., had humble beginnings in the cigar industry. Oscar, a native Honduran, began his journey in the cigar industry driving Rocky Patel's tour bus. After working for Rocky for nine years, Oscar opened his own cigar shop in Danlí. He had a couple of rollers in the shop and this gradually led to Oscar buying a small, fully functioning factory. Oscar is now one of the largest producers of craft-minded cigars in Honduras.

Altar Q by Oscar Valladares is an homage to Honduras and Honduran history. Oscar is passionate about his home and all things Honduran, and Altar Q is his way of honoring Honduras' rich history and traditions. Copán Altar Q is a Mayan altar in Western Honduras that was sculpted in the 6th century (AD). The striking design of the Alar Q packaging mimics the intricate carvings of this Mayan ruin. There are 16 cigars per box, each numbered and named for a ruler of Copán. Altar Q features an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper with both binder and filler ingredients being harvested from the Copán region of Honduras (the same city the Altar Q monument is located). This blend creates a smooth, buttery, and nutty flavor that is accompanied by a medium-light body and a complex flavor profile.

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Altar Q Sumatra Cigar

Altar Q Sumatra

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