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Picture for category Aladino by Julio R. Eiroa
Aladino by Julio R. Eiroa

Aladino is the most premium offering from Honduras-based JRE Tobacco Company, owned and operated by the legendary Eiroa family. Since the mid-1990s, the Eiroa's (led by family patriarch Julio R. Eiroa) have become known for growing grade-A Cuban-seed tobacco, which they have dubbed "Authentic Corojo." Aladino seeks to highlight the Eiroa's best strength, using 100% Authentic Corojo throughout the cigar's wrapper/binder/filler.

Harvested entirely from Julio's own Eiroa Tobacco Farm, located in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras, Aladino is a true puro, not unlike what you would find with vintage Cuban cigars. The Corojo tobacco that makes up the blend is said to be an undiluted seed from Cuba's heyday (late '40s through early '60s). This gives Aladino a unique, nostalgic smoking profile that stands out in today's premium cigar market. Since the cigar's launch, enthusiasts have hailed the cigars as an old-school smoking experience that has the effect of transporting you back to pre-Revolution Cuba.

JRE Aladino is medium to full in body, offering classic flavors of zesty cabinet spices, medium-roast coffee beans, bread dough, barnyard hay, salt, cedar, and even pretzel dough.

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Aladino Cazador

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Aladino Churchill

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Aladino Corona

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Aladino Elegante

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Aladino Gordo

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Aladino Palmas

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Aladino Robusto

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Aladino Rothschild

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Aladino Toro

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