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Aging Room Solera Maduro

Enthusiasts of wine, beer, whiskey, and almost any other form of alcohol are most likely familiar with the Spanish term “solera,” but when the term is applied to premium cigars, the same enthusiasts may be left scratching their heads…

For those unfamiliar, the solera process is an aging technique used to bring enhanced blending and consistency to a spirit. Essentially, you have a row of barrels containing different vintages of the same spirit; when the oldest barrel is tapped (only partially) and bottled, the next oldest barrel is used to refill the tapped barrel. This process continues down the line until the youngest bottle is filled with fresh distillate. No barrel is ever fully dumped, therefore the finished product is more mature each time the cycle completes.

Now for the cigar part. Aging Room Cigars, known for their small-batch production and usage of select tobacco vintages, has adopted a form of solera aging for the realm of premium cigars, releasing a suite of blends known as “Aging Room Solera.” The process involves aging different tobacco varietals and vintages together post-fermentation—allowing the leaves to meld and impart intermingling flavors. Tobaccos are typically only blended when rolled into the finished product, but Aging Room Solera introduces this stage to a blend of Dominican Habano tobaccos for a minimum of one year before being rolled into cigars.

Aging Room Solera Maduro features a dark Mexican San Andrés wrapper over the unique binder/filler blend of solera-aged Dominican tobaccos. Solera Maduro is medium-bodied and offers flavors of dark stone fruit, white pepper spice, raw sugar sweetness, and a heavy dose of cocoa powder.

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Aging Room Solera Maduro Fanfare

Aging Room Solera Maduro Fanfare

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Aging Room Solera Maduro Fantastico Cigar
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