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ACID Cigars by Drew Estate

Drew Estate is often dubbed “The Rebirth of Cigars”, if that is the case then consider ACID Cigars the birth of Drew Estate! ACID put the world’s leader in hip and innovative cigar creations on the map – one look at the unique and one of a kind ACID Kuba Arte packaging will tell you all you need to know! Drew Estate struck gold in the late ‘90s by introducing the world of Premium Cigars to something entirely new.

Don’t call ‘em flavored – that’d be an insult – ACID Cigars are actually infused! What are ACID Cigars infused with? Well, that process is a very closely guarded method that has remained one of the industry’s biggest secrets and is a big part of the reason why ACID Premium Cigars are so special! The infusion process is where the cigars receive their unique flavor attributes, they are literally infused into the tobacco leaf’s core.

ACID Cigars are about creating new and exploratory smoking experiences, using premium grade tobacco and flavors that require abstract titles. While you may pick up on flavors of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla – you won’t find that in the labels – instead you will find names such as “Blondie”, “Liquid”, and “Cold Infusion” among others.

Smokers of every caliber have been known to enjoy Drew Estate ACID Premium Cigars as they are best recommended for those in search of their ideal palate. Newcomers, those transitioning from other tobaccos, even the hardened “cigar connoisseur” are encouraged to find the perfect ACID Cigar for themselves. Whether it’s a change of pace during breakfast or dessert – all are worthy moments for the imaginative and high-quality smoking experiences of ACID Premium Cigars!

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